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Useful information

Fees and terms

At Bramley Care we recognise the high costs and financial uncertainty that one faces when having to move into residential care, especially now with rampant inflation pushing costs constantly upwards. To provide our residents with peace of mind we offer a ‘fee for life’; We promise that the fee agreed will not change, therefore giving our residents and their relatives a chance to budget and plan for the future (terms and conditions apply).

Our fees start from £1300 per week depending on your room allocation and our mutually agreed care plan.  Our full fee structure and terms and conditions of residence will be fully discussed with you at your viewing appointment. 

We welcome our customers comments and reviews

We welcome feedback and comments from our customers as this helps us maintain and, when necessary, improve our service. Please email us here or use our online platform at and we would love to read what you have to say.

Our complaints procedure

We are committed to maintaining high standards however, in the unlikely event that customers or their representatives may wish to make a complaint.  Please click here for the full details of the Bramley Care Complaints Procedure.

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