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How might my care and support be funded? 

When arranging care at home you will need to consider how you will pay for the care you need and whether there is any funding available to you.  If you have an identified healthcare need, you may be entitled to healthcare fundingthrough your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or, depending on your financial circumstances, you may qualify for all or part social care funding.  There may also be other Government funding that you may be able to access.


The first step when arranging care at home is to talk to your GP or local community health care team who will be able to advise on the type of funding you could be entitled to, and how to access it.  If you are seeking funding through your local CCG or social services team you will need to have an assessment of your care needs, which will determine the level of funding you may be entitled to.

Should you qualify for Government funding or funding from your CCG, you will have the option to choose a care provider yourself and manage the care arrangement through a personal budget and direct payments, or they will do this on your behalf.   It is worth considering here that if they organise and pay for your care package, they will typically have a list of providers they work with, so your choice of provider will be limited to those on their preferred supplier list.

We have many years’ experience of working with case managerscommissioning teamslocal authorities and other professionals involved in procuring specialist home care to provide the right care at the right time, for all of life.

If you do not qualify for any funding, you will be required to pay for the care yourself.  This is known as self-funding care.  There are many options as to how you can finance care yourself.  There are care fees insurance policies that could pay your care fees over the longer term.  It might be that you qualify for some funding to meet your care and support costs, and that you part fund the remainder privately.  It is always prudent to seek independent later life financial advice before you commit to any such policy.

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