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Care in your own home

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Arranging home care...


Step by step guide to arranging care...

Arranging care is simple

Call 01747 855 844 and speak with one of our colleagues, they will discuss your requirements and take a few details.

Alternatively, email us at


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First telephone consultation

Our care co-ordinator will be in touch to discuss your needs in more detail and how best we can meet them. They will also help with any questions you may have.


During this time we will arrange an appointment for our assessor to visit you in your home.


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Home visit

Our assessor will visit you in your home and carry out a comprehensive needs assessment.


We will discuss your physical and medical needs to establish your care routine and the level of support required.


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Things you need to know

We will fully explain our fees, terms and conditions.


Constructing your care plan


Before your care commences we will take all the information you provided by you and construct your care plan, detailing your care routine and preferences. We will compile a schedule for you taking in to consideration, the skill mix and compatability of staff alongside preferred times and geographical location.

We may also liase with your current support network and other health professionals to ensure you receive the care you deserve


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We will provide your care...

We will provide you and your family with your weekly schedule of visits; what carer will attend, the day, time and duration of visits. You can receive this in whatever way suits (post, email or via App). 


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