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Our values...

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At Bramley Care, our values are at the heart of everything we do.


These values not only underpin our philosophy of care and respect in our two care homes, The Old Rectory and Bramley House, and the level of compassion and professionalism we show our Home Care clients at Bramley Home Care, but also the way in which we aspire to treat our valued employees.  Our values are instilled in the motto, “WE CARE”, each letter of these words representing a value that is intrinsic to the way we strive to act every single day towards our residents, our clients and our staff.


Feeling welcome, wherever we are, is intrinsic to every individual’s sense of happiness and wellbeing.  At Bramley Care, we strive to ensure that every resident within our care homes feels welcome from the moment they arrive, and through every second of every day they spend with us.  Our home is their home and it’s vital that they feel happy, relaxed and welcome.  Our Home Care Assistants are friendly and welcoming towards every one of their clients, always showing the respect and professionalism that is so essential when in someone else’s home, but equally the affection and kindness that is so important in any caring role.  As an employer, we welcome all new employees to become part of our friendly and close-knit team.


Empathy is a vital skill for all carers.  Being able to put ourselves into the shoes of another and see the world through their eyes helps us to provide the care our clients and residents need, coupled with the respect they deserve.  As employers, it’s vital that we understand the stresses and concerns of our wonderful carers, who might sometimes become overwhelmed by what they are dealing with in their work.  The ability to empathise is what makes humanity so special, and at Bramley Care we value it immensely.




While we use our empathy to sense how our clients and residents and fellow carers are feeling, it’s compassion that compels us to give them the care they need, to ensure that they are comfortable and safe and that their lives are happy and fulfilled.  At Bramley Care, compassion is key.




At Bramley Care we try never to rest on our laurels.  Every new day brings a new challenge and we must constantly learn and adapt and improve ourselves.  This may be on a personal level, in terms of new training, or learning from our experiences or our colleagues, or on a business-wide level, by ensuring that we adapt to meet every new situation in the best possible way.  At Bramley Care, we don’t just aspire to be good; we aspire to be the best we can possibly be.




Showing respect towards our clients and our residents is an absolutely core value at Bramley Care.  We all deserve to be able to live with dignity, whatever our circumstances, and our managers and carers all fully appreciate how important it is that this value is upheld at all times.




This value is intrinsic to our ethos at Bramley Care in so many different ways.  We want the residents at Bramley House and The Old Rectory to feel empowered to live the way they want to live, continuing with their own interests, enjoying hobbies and friendships, choosing their own meals and day trips, wearing the clothes they want to wear, inviting the friends and loved-ones they want to see, using our carers to empower them to live as fulfilled a life as possible.  For our Home Care clients, we strive to empower them to live independently in their own homes, giving them the help and support they need to ensure they stay happy and safe.  For our employees, we strive to give them all the tools, the knowledge, the training and the support they need to empower them to be wonderful, professional carers, welcoming, empathetic, compassionate and empathetic, who show respect for all our customers and their fellow carers, and who constantly aspire to be the very best they can possibly be.

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